Acoustic Data Processing

Acoustic Data Processing, Analysis and Reporting

Split-beam Echosounder Data Collection and Processing

  • Size stratified estimates of large- and small-bodied fish density, abundance and biomass using quantitative split-beam echosounder survey data.
  • Planning to collect your own acoustic survey data? No problem! We provide full post-processing, analysis and reporting services for all major hardware manufacturers (Simrad, BioSonics, HTI etc.).
  • We use only Echoview acoustic processing software for echo integration, fish track detection & counting, calibration & noise removal, prey fish schools analysis and bottom substrate classification.
  • Deliverables include user-friendly MS Access database summaries, publication quality ArcGIS maps, figures and tables summarizing results. The report includes a detailed description of the processing methodology.
  • We also provide on-site acoustic systems training. Let us get your crew started on reliably collecting their own high quality data.
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Analysis and Reporting

  • We provide custom analysis and reporting services to fit your needs and budget.
  • Our basic data processing package includes echogram preparation (calibration and noise processing), Echoview processing (echo integration and/or single target detection), output tables compiled in MS Access database and exploratory GIS map preparation. This package is perfect for getting your acoustic backscatter data into a format that will allow your staff to explore the survey information using your own statistical and GIS software of choice (I.e. R, MatLab, QGIS etc.).
  • Our comprehensive analysis package includes everything in the basic package as well as integration of available fish netting data to generate summaries of the estimated size stratified fish density, biomass and abundance. Additional analyses may include fish school detection, spatial and depth stratified estimates of fish density, bootstrapping analyses of variance and GIS habitat modelling.
  • We can also provide full reporting services that includes a comprehensive description of the processing methods and summary of results. We also can assist you with manuscript preparation and review.

Legacy Data

Do you have piles of Zip disks at your office that hold old DGN, DT4, ECH or SMP survey data? Want to know what your lake looked like “back in the day”?

We can have a look at your vintage acoustic echogram data files and reprocess them using the latest Echoview tools and processing methods.

Ensure your previous fish density estimates are comparable to your latest survey data.

We support legacy data file formats from Simrad, BioSonics and HTI.